Motorways of the sea terminal is the new intermodal logistic hub in Venice devoted to Ro-Ro and Ro-Pax traffic by an high automation infrastructure.

The new Terminal offers on the whole a 150.000 square meters uncovered area for cargo movement, for goods and trailer storing; a 30.000 square meters Indoor logistics area; a 18.000 square meters port offices and logistics area and a 12.000 square meters area for port and logistics activities offices, built according to best quality standard.

Piers total length is more than 1.250 meters and they overlook 2 basins 10.5 meters deep and 8 hectares wide able to berth 4 ships simoultaneously up to a maximum potential traffic of1600 ferries per year.

The terminal is located in strategic position, opening 24hr, 7days/week, 365 days/year.

  • Whole surface area: 38 hectares,
  • Basins surface area: 2 basins up to 40.000 square meters each,
  • Pier length: 2 up to 245 meters and 2 up to 210 meters
  • Rails: 4 railtracks, from 550 to 650 meters length each
  • Service surface area: 210.000 square meters for Schengen and Extra – Schengen traffics
  • 4 IN and 4 OUT high automation Gates.


Functional to the Terminal there are three different types of buildings:

First: At the entrance of the terminal area there are two twin 2-storey buildings, of 1.085 square meter each.
These buildings include ticket office and operational offices (customs offices, Italian finance force, Border Police, administration, offices for ship owners and main couriers service, etc.);

Second: Near to the dock there is a "lounge building" for passengers, trade operators and any clients going throughout the terminal. This building is set up with cafè, restaurants, lounge areas and shower stalls. This area is also provided with Wi-Fi.

The “Lounge Area”, designed for passengers reception, is 2.600 square meters wide.

Third: there are some building dedicated to proper technical activities, which area warehouses or structures used for logistics and cargo movements service. A mechanic’s workshop for all urgent repair services for trailers, trucks, trains and other vehicles in transit, a warehouse used for temporary goods storage, a warehouse for terminal services and some other spaces for general purpose.