project development

New Venice Intermodal Terminal is located across three main European freight transport corridors (corridor I, corridor V and corridor VIII); it is a trans-european hub between South-East Mediterranean area and European trade.
Venice Intermodal Terminal stands on a disused industrial area 38 hectares wide (called “Ex Alumix”).

Venice Intermodal Terminal has been built involving a capital contribution of over 200 million Euros, coming from both private and public funds, deriving from Port Authority and Union financial aid for projects of common interest in the field of the trans-European transport networks (TEN-T).

“Venice Ro-Port Mos SCpA” drew up a 40-year long concession agreement with Venice Port Authority in order to plan, design, build and completely manage the new terminal for the “Highways of the Sea”.
On the terminal’s South side, there is a large area that will be developed. This area will be taken up by managerial and logistics buildings, conventional, indoor and outdoor car parks.
The total area of the buildings is planned to be 63.000 square meters.

Il terminal intermodale di Venezia è un progetto europeo