Venice Green Terminal (VGT) is a company, within Mantovani group, which deals with warehousing, goods storage and logistics services.

VGT Services include logistics and warehousing, picking area and reefer warehouse dedicated to perishable goods:

  • warehouse (30.000 sq. meters);
  • transport unit chancing warehouse;
  • reefer warehouse;
  • pallet managing;
  • preliminary operation for loading/unloading

Warehousing services for RO-RO goods traffic


In the surrounding of the terminal (7 km) a new logistic structure for warehousing, conventional and perishable goods handling and movement is available (VGT – Venice Green Terminal).


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“Groupage” states for a way of collecting small goods lots coming from distinct sender, directed to distinct recipients and often characterized by different features.

This kind of operation allow small and medium companies to forward import/export goods flows even if they don’t have enough volume to fill a container.


The terminal platform offers reefer warehouse services for perishable goods, milk products, cheese, fruit and vegetables, wines and spirits.
Thanks to 5 refrigerating cells of different dimensions and temperature, the platform can offer a flexible structure, which can best conform to customers’ needs about goods conservation.


A dedicated area for goods storage and for administrative and technical operations connected to l warehousing activities is available in the terminal area.
In this area following activities for national and international goods flows can be done: pallet composing, sorting, forwarding.